Enterprise Blockchain Infrastructure for Decentralize Internet

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Create Stable Coins
Without Coding

The stable coins have established itself as the future of tokenization. Create your asset-backed or value backed stable coin easily with Auxledger Public Network. Auxledger algorithms auto-generate smart contracts linking with your data points to create your stable currency easier and faster.

Launch Tailored
Consortium Networks

Most successful use cases among Enterprises are seen as the industry consortium network. From the financial sector to food & pharma supply chain sector, Auxledger multi-tiering protocol makes it easy to launch tailored consortium network securely & efficiently.

Build Powerful
& Secure DApps

The Auxledger public network is built with a powerful virtual machine proved to handle a user base of over 100's of million. The machine designed at highest Enterprise certified standards are capable of larger fault tolerance and offer over 1M TPS consensus engine to suit your requirements.

Superior Technology

Auxledger has been built with a research first approach and enabled to carefully handle the robustness and interoperability demanded by the largest enterprises of the world.

High Performance

Fault Tolerant


Business Ready Focus

While working with over 50 organisations, we ensured that apps built on Auxledger completely adheres to the organisation's business standards and compliance requirements.


Non-volatile Token

Privacy & Data Security

Comfortable Ecosystem

Our easy to use framework and business ready protocols, being leveraged by Fortune 500s, solution providers and thousands of developers. They got your back while you build on Auxledger.

Developer Friendly

Growing Ecosystem

Proven Usability

Whitepapers & Resources


February 27th 2019
Release version 1.3

Technical paper to understand thee innovations and protocol brought in by Auxledger infrestructure.Paper describes the functionalities required in the infrestructure proposed to overcome the challenges require in Blockchain mainstream adoption.


February 27th 2019
Release version 1.3

The documents discusses the economics aspect of Auxledger public network - AuxAplha. Explain utilisation of 2-token based economy system, and methods to allow procurement of these tokens including the crowd sale related details, bonus schemes and timeline.


February 28th 2019
Release version 1.3

A concise document to understand the usability of Auxledger Blockchain infrastructure. A short handbook describing the key pillars of Auxledger. The documents also touches briefly on the requirementt of such a capabale infrastructure.

Auxesis Group, one of the global top 100 most influential blockchain organisation in the world and the featured Blockchain development partner for Government and BFSI sector. With support of Fortune 500 partners, such as HPE, IBM, KPMG among others, Auxesis has built Auxledger technology to enable smooth adoption of Blockchain in enterprises. Auxesis has also built enterprise application protocols, DocSafe and Genuinety to enable Auxledger ecosystem to develop powerful applications easily and securely.


Auxesis Website


HPE, the IT industry giant with full market capture of Enterprise servers is working closely to integrate Auxledger into their Mission Critical Servers NonStop OS. Coupling of Auxledger infrastructure with HPE’s server will ensure the smooth adoption of Blockchain into enterprises as their servers would have already equipped with the Blockchain capability, waiting to be just powered ON!

IBM, over 100 years multinational IT giant working closely on different offerings of Auxledger including new use case development. We are working with IBM Cloud to list the upcoming Auxledger version as one of the core offerings of IBM Cloud making it easier for developers to deploy an Auxledger based Blockchain network. We are also working with IBM Strategy team to build. Various use cases such as Vendor Invoice Discounting and reaching out to IBM’s enterprise customers together with new offerings.

In association with KPMG, we have built a prototype platform for a powerful vendor contract management. Further, this implementation is now upgraded with the capability of procurements and launch of a decentralize tender marketplace for Governments and large enterprises.

Implementation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise